Why is ICONS22’s Wishbone Chair a True Premium

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Why is ICONS22’s Wishbone Chair a True Premium

If you read my previous blog, you know that the Wishbone Chair is famous among furniture enthusiasts. It’s an iconic piece of mid-century design created by Hans Wegner in 1946. The core of Wegener’s legacy is his focus on showing the internal soul of his furniture true external simplicity and functionality. His vast experience in woodworking gives him an understanding of how to integrate a demanding technique into an exquisite shape. The Wishbone Chair is an excellent example of his work – a perfect furniture piece.

Therefore, you can understand why so many people around the world would love to own one of those chairs. Sadly, that is not an easy item to buy, especially online and outside of Europe. Problem is that many online stores are offering a copy or a replica of the original design. So, you can understand my happiness when I found out about ICONS22. It’s a premium brand offering the most iconic pieces of Scandinavian furniture.

ICONS22 has a perfect example of a premium quality Wishbone chair, made following the original design with the use of modern techniques. This is incredibly hard to find in an online store. They are also stationed in Canada, which is just fantastic. I ordered two Wishbone chairs from them and they are simply fantastic.

How do I know that I have a premium quality chair?

The Wishbone chair is made as a celebration of wood. So, the quality of the timber is very important. Although the Wishbone chair is originally made from oak wood, ICONS22 is giving us Red Oak Wood and Canadian Ash Wood as options. They are both more than 150 years old with a strong texture. Oak is a bit easier to work with because it has shorter fibers. What is important is that all the wooden pieces are manually put together using a combination of traditional and contemporary carpentry techniques. By hand-waxing and not using paint, they are really emphasizing the raw beauty of the wooden grain and its strong structure.

The Wishbone Chair has a very distinctive back shape, with curved arm and backrest made from a single wooden piece. The backrest is forked and has a flat inner face, this way it will never stick or be uncomfortable to the person sitting in the chair. The Wishbone Chair has tightly formed weave made from an incredibly durable paper cord made from Italian and Vegan leather.

How to spot a fake or replica of The Wishbone?

The quality of the seat and how it’s woven is a big sign that it’s a bad reproduction. As mentioned, with the premium piece, the seat is carefully hand-woven from over 100 meters of paper cord. It has to be tight and near-perfect in looks. So, the seat can’t get damaged and have a beaten-down look after a short while. Also, you will see that some companies use nylon or synthetics instead of paper cord.

If the price feels too low then it’s very clear that it is not a premium quality chair.:)

You can immediately spot a fake Wishbone chair if it has joints on the back, at the curved top rail. As mentioned, the real one is made from one piece of wood bent using steam. So, there are no joints or knots and an uneven finishing. Premium brands like ICONS22 are using top quality wood and the whole chair has to be smooth and polished.

In conclusion, ICONS22 is crafting premium quality mid-century Scandinavian furniture with few modern but already iconic pieces. In the near future, I will give you a review of their website and continue to search for some other interesting brands and topics.

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