As huge fans of Scandinavian mid-century style, we are always on the lookout for new retailers and companies specialising in reproducing these classic models. We explore our options, make test orders and annoy the customer service with arrays of questions in order to make detailed reviews for our readers. In other words, we test out the companies so you don’t have to and so you can make an informed decision about where will you get your brand new design. This week, we decided to take a look at what seems like a relatively new player in the industry, ByBespoek.

Company overview: ByBespoek

ByBespoek is a company specialising in the production of premium quality reproductions of classic Scandinavian mid-century designs, with occasional excursions into the classic French, Italian, German and American designs of the period. Starting its life in Europe and moving on to the United States, ByBespoek is not really a completely new player, but is certainly not in envious position, struggling to make a name for it in the US with focus on quality over quantity and affordability.

Navigability of the website: 10/10

ByBespoek website is very clear and minimalist in appearance, easy to navigate and simple to use. The front page welcomes you with a banner showcasing the current discounts (and it seems that there are some nice offers practically at all times) and the main categories of products – seating solutions, lighting solutions and various items currently on sale. You can access various subcategories from the top menu bar, while all the information regarding company bio and various policies can be easily accessed with one click on the links in the footer. The checkout page is equally simple and there you will get a breakdown of the total cost of your order without any hidden costs. Here you will also be presented with additional options you can choose to pay for – including regular SMS updates on the status of your order and the ecology-focused action of planting 12 trees for 12$.

Prices: 9/10

ByBespoek is highly affordable and this seems to be one of their central, albeit implicit selling points. In fact, items on sale can be so plain cheap that it was a red flag for us when we first checked the website out. But, more on this in a second. In either case, the only downside when it comes to ByBespoek prices is their high volatility – while the website is overall highly affordable, constant actions, sales and discounts contribute to sometimes highly fluctuating prices, so it might require you to check the website daily if you want to ensure the lowest possible price. Personally, I’m not a fan of chasing the discounts, and prefer consistency, but this is just personal preference, so 9 out of 10 on this point from us.

Quality of the offer: 10/10

We mentioned that exceptionally low prices raised some flags for us, but once we started receiving our orders, we were more than pleasantly surprised. ByBespoek never misses an opportunity to emphasise the ‘premium quality’ of their designs and this is more than just a selling point. We were especially amazed by the outstanding quality of their wooden dining chairs which are manufactured masterfully, with an amazingly smooth surface and amazing visual appeal. With some other designs such as metal AJ lamps, it is not quite clear what that premium quality includes, but still, we had absolutely no problems and are under highly positive impression when it comes to this question. The offer as a whole is a bit limited, but then again, each of the items is a true classic of mid-century design, which only shows to me that ByBespoek guys know perfectly well what they are selling.

Shopping experience: 10/10

The highest grade for shopping experience is related mostly to the absolute transparency of the whole process – at all times you are made aware of all the costs, every penny you will spend, as well as the estimated delivery times (but more on that in a second). The communication with the customer service during the purchasing process was superb (I pretended I have no idea what I’m doing, so I asked for step-by-step instruction on how to purchase and they were super polite and forthcoming) and I immediately got emails with my invoice, information about refund and return policy as well as all the information regarding the estimated time of delivery and how to contact the CS team.

Delivery: 7/10

Judging by the test orders we made, the delivery times are a little bit longer than what we were promised, but not too much, so it is still not something that we would make a fuss about. Even with the delays, the overall delivery times are fairly expected. Keep in mind that the warehouse of the company is in Texas, so if you are on the other side of the US, you can of course expect bigger delays than if you are in the neighbourhood. ByBespoek works with FedEx as a courier service, so that gives it another layer of reliability and certainty. However, another thing we should mention is that some of the later orders we made arrived before the ones made a whole week before. So if you need precise planning, you might be slightly annoyed by the lack of absolute predictability. Hence a strong 7 from us.

Return and refund policies: 9/10

Return and refund policies are the point where ByBespoek truly excels. So, the policies are more than fair, and there are no hidden or unexpected fees. What’s more, the company is very transparent about this, as you will get a detailed overview of their policies together with your invoice. And you can easily check them out on the website even before making your purchase. On top of that, they offer a fairly lengthy time period during which you can request a full refund. Also, in case of the delivery of a faulty item, you can easily get a replacement free of charge – aside from the shipping costs. Well, we are still waiting for a company that will not require the customer to cover the shipping costs, so we cannot really complain too much. Still, this makes it just a bit short of perfect, hence a strong 9 from us.

Customer service quality: 10/10

Customer service at ByBespoek is what makes shopping from these guys so enjoyable. The CS team is very polite and forthcoming, ready to answer all your questions, even the most silly ones (we know, we pushed them rather far with dozens of questions). You can easily contact them through the phone, live chat app on the website or email – with the last option being certainly the slowest one. You are politely offered assistance during the purchasing process which is a nice touch, and they also try to stay in touch with you throughout the delivery process.

Overall grade: 9/10

ByBespoek is a very solid company which got an average 9.28 grade with us. The main pros of it are really exceptional quality of their designs, transparency and fairness in business as well as really helpful and forthcoming customer service. On the other hand, we view the scope of their offer, as well as their delivery times as something that can be further improved. Still, our overall impression of the company is highly positive and we would certainly recommend you ordering from ByBespoek, especially if you are as much in love with Scandinavian mid-century design as we are.

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